The creative process is not always the same.

Is sometimes arises from the artistic training, where the flow of ideas and intuition come together. The usage of techniques also helps creation.

But sometimes something magical happens and I feel united with the whole universe. It is an inexplicable feeling ... of totality, of euphoria, of enthusiasm, of fullness. I surrender to that mystery where logic has no space. Sometimes I dare to think that there are ideas out there searching for a body to materialize them, as if the ideas were corporeal and the artist, the channel through which they manifest. And as the idea arises from the universe, it vibrates with a different energy, which is not the human one. Is that the cause of my feelings?

Once the idea took hold of me, I see it completely finished with every detail. Curiously, that idea always has something in common with me ... As I visualize it, I internalize it and open all my perception to make it mine. The imagination, the intuition and the profound experience of the symbolism constitute the fertile ground for each visualization. At that moment, I am the image.

Then it breaks away from me. It is light and transparency. I see it totally finished, floating in the air, waiting to be materialized.

That moment is accompanied by the great challenge: How to reveal it to others?

When a new technical challenge appears, I recall the "light image". It is there where I discover the techniques. Then I begin to materialize it. Each shape, each stroke, each color adds their own vibrational climate. Step by step the work is conceived. Many hours of tireless work, of great emotional intensity. Those are moments that unleash an internal regeneration, of meditation.

The intimate and profound contact with the idea is a communion between image, realization and fulfillment. Although materials have their weight and demands, and physical work demands effort, the meaning of the work makes it easier.

When the artwork is finished, I am invaded by different feelings, like finishing a book that kept me in a state of supreme unreality.

However, the artwork was born.

In this video you can see what motivates me to create:


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